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What is PBR (Physically Based Rendering)

What is PBR?

For complete guide on PBR visit Allegorithmic's  page.

Basically physically based rendering is a method of rendering and shading. This techique provides more realistic representation of how light interacts with model surface. 

PBR Workflows

There are 2 workflows that will produce the same material results.

  • Metallic/Roughness
  • Specular/Glossiness

Metallic workflow

Metallic workflow is made out of minimum 3 textures:

  • Base color (RGB) - engine will use it to interpret diffuse reflected color and also metal reflectance
  • Metallic - Grayscale - it tells the engine what parts of material are metallic(reflectice) and which are not. For instance white value is 100% metal, black 0% metal. Value between white and blue, for instance light grey will show transition between metal and non metal material, for instance a bit of dust.
  • Roughness - Grayscale - engine will use this to create either smooth surface(white) like glass or rough like concrete(grey-black). It can be use to create small details like scratches, fingerprints etc.



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